Greater guarantees

A solid partnership begins at the entry point. When we start working together, we want to provide the best advice on specific problems or projects. Our guarantees safeguard the most sustainable solution that make an impact.
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How does it work?

Greater is the IT Consultancy company on the road to becoming the leading DevOps platform. Founded by techs, our knowledge and understanding of the IT field runs deep, unlike any other firm.

With over 40 Greater IT specialists, we’re quick in identifying problems and specialized in introducing the best consultant for the most sustainable solution. We’re passionate about what we do and we’re fixed on sharing that love to assure extensive and professional assistance to our clients.

Knowledge network

Our Greater IT specialists assure extensive and professional assistance. Each with their own specialism, but with a common goal to optimize information, maintain healthy systems throughout the IT landscape and a mind to develop new ways of working.

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Learning opportunities

At Greater, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of the IT field. This is combined with a great love for extending that knowledge to our clients. Therefor, we provide courses and workshops to our clients to boost their own IT expertise.

Thorough matchmaking

Greater was founded by techies, for techies. Because of that, we are experienced IT professionals with a keen eye to identify issues and introduce the right IT consultant for your project.
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How about a free consult?

Curious about what we can do for you? We’re ready for a sustainable partnership when you are! Describe your case and we’re here for you.
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Our services

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Infra as Code

To make your complete software development cycle more efficient, we continuously explore better ways to manage and build infrastructure.

Cloud Native

Our native language. With Cloud Native development, we maximize the benefits of cloud computing.


A system that deploys and manages CloudNative applications exactly the way you want, providing increased flexibility to the infrastructure. No wonder it’s getting popular and we’re here for it.


Without it, we’re non-existent. It’s our job to develop clean and secure communication between machines that benefit your IT system.


We like things fast and easy. Our DevOps approach ensures easier maintenance and faster development of existing and new products.
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We reduce unnecessary workload. We aim for a more efficient use of components, increase productivity and improve product quality.

Companies who trust us

Without our dear clients, none of what we do would be possible. We work closely together in reaching your goals and ambitions, to build strong and sustainable relationships.

Got a project?

Do you have a project that needs our assistance? Our team members are ready to help you on all necessary fronts. Share your case and we’ll get back to you.
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Greater BV

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