Illustration of a SOC analyst in a hoody behind a laptop
Security Consultant

What to expect as a security consultant We support our security consultant to be in charge of their career paths. As techies ourselves, we understand

Azure Ninja

What to expect as a Cloud engineer As a Cloud engineer, you can expect a team that is cooperative, supportive, with space to grow and

Image of an 'A' to represent Automation
The Automator

What to expect as an automation consultant Imagine looking back on your career as an automation consultant. Remember your time at Greater? In charge of

graphic of a devops cycle as part of the devops consultant position
Dr. DevOps

Why I say old chap that is spiffing off his nut arse pear shaped plastered Jeffrey bodge barney some dodgy.!!

image of a redhat for linux leader position at Greater
Linux Leader

What to expect as a Linux specialist There’s a great sense of self-governance at Greater. As a Linux specialist, you are in control of your

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