Photo of Marius, Richard and Esmé in the new office
Perhaps you’ve heard it through the grapevine: Greater is moving. After 5 successful years, we’ve seen our team grow with warp speed. Inevitably, this means we need a bigger space for all of you!

After deciding upon the perfect location, we’re in the middle of extensive renovation, meetings with architects -some bumps along the way- and future plans. That’s where this post comes in. We’d love to take you with us on this journey. We’re publishing a 3-weekly blog until moving day, so it’s easy for you to follow what’s going on behind the scenes.

A Greater space = room for growth

More team members? Great! The current office space? Not so great. As we’re scaling up, our office is too small. Unsurprisingly, we’d rather say ‘goodbye’ to the location. That way, we can provide the best work conditions and remain true to our mission of continuous development.

With continuous development comes the expansion of Greater Academy. Our primary focus is creating more opportunities for you to follow courses, knowledge sessions, or intensive training.  

Also, the pandemic made us all realize: the way we used to work is not coming back. Moreover, digitalization is accelerating, which has led to a ‘greater’ need for digital solutions. To respond to this change, we’re busy incorporating a new way of working and doing things differently. The influx of Managed Service contracts makes it necessary to combine workspaces and separate conference rooms efficiently. We visualize a large office with enough space for the team and external members to come together. 

But where to?

Think of a central location, easy to reach for anyone traveling by car or public transport and can be used as an inspiration for all of us techies. Yes. Greater is moving to the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the Netherlands: Schiphol-Rijk. Surrounded by other start-ups and global tech companies, the 650 m2 office will be on the top 4th floor of a 5-story building with its own grand terrace. Overlooking the area, Greater will be in the middle of it. 

First renovations

The first contracts have been signed, and we struck a great deal with the property owners. To make efficient use of this enormous, empty space, walls were put in place on both ends to create a conference room, our Greater Academy, the kitchen, and 4 separate offices. 

There’s plenty of room for a relaxation area, 2 quiet rooms with a waiting corner, and open workspaces from one side to the other. The ceiling will remain the same, as it gives that cool, industrial look.

Moreover, the kitchen is taking shape. The layout and design are complete, and the main parts are on their way. As the centerpiece of the office, we want to make sure this spot is an absolute eye-catcher. Right now, it’s just tape on the floor – but with a bit of imagination, we already see cooking events taking place with the team!

Decoration is everything

The success of Greater is largely thanks to our culture and office atmosphere. No doubt, we wish to incorporate those aspects again. The office should create a homely atmosphere with a luxurious touch, pleasant colors, comfortable areas to work from, and enough chairs and desks supporting a healthy body work posture. It doesn’t look like it now, but the areas below will be a welcoming waiting area and coffee corner next to the entrance (below).

Our interior architect, Arjen Reas (Arjan Reas Architecten), is helping us with the decoration. Last month, he presented us with multiple 2D and 3D plans for the entire property that showed a balanced synergy between the office and living areas. The projects presented different floors, colors, spaces, wooden and glass partition walls, and the ingenious wood-up system.

This gave us a fantastic first impression of the possibilities of the space and we’ll definitely share some images in our next blog! We also visited Skepp in Almelo, an excellent supplier of all sorts of office furniture. They presented us with different materials for the partition walls with plants, desks, cabinets, and conference tables, and we tested several products. Totally unrelated, there was a beer tasting in the same building that afternoon. You can imagine, we had to join of course.

What's to come?

The following weeks are filled with appointments to finalize our plans and interior furniture. In the meantime, we’re exploring more options, such as a light plan, the placement of glass walls and plant areas, the number of cupboards, the location of the fridge, and where we place the refrigerated wine cooler. Wait, we meant a wine cooler with a built-in light. And we also need a Quooker. A 3-in-1-model. No, make it 5-in-1. You know, to offer you some sparkling, cold, warm, boiling hot, or flat water when you visit. 

Apart from that, we wouldn’t be Greater if we didn’t plan ahead. The property owners used to have their own ICT company, and we share the same mindset: work hard, play hard and keep your feet on the ground. This sparked conversations about future collaborations for expansion. Even now, we need to keep thinking about the Greater picture.

Curious about the progress? Keep an eye out for our next blog in 3 weeks, and we’ll tell you all about it!

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