Oracle WebLogic Server 12.2.1 Running on Docker Containers

19 januari 2018 Richard van der Meijde

WebLogic Server 12.2.1 is now certified to run on Docker containers. As part of this certification, we are releasing Docker files on GitHub to create Oracle WebLogic Server 12.2.1 install images and Oracle WebLogic Server 12.2.1 domain images. These images are built as an extension of existing Oracle Linux images Oracle Linux
. To help you with this, we have posted Dockerfiles and scripts on GitHub as examples for you to get started.

Docker is a platform that enables users to build, package, ship and run distributed applications. Docker users package up their applications, and any dependent libraries or files, into a Docker image. Docker images are portable artifacts that can be distributed across Linux environments. Images that have been distributed can be used to instantiate containers where applications can run in isolation from other applications running in other containers on the same host operating system.

The table below describes the certification provided for various WebLogic Server versions. You can use these combinations of Oracle WebLogic Server, JDK, Linux and Docker versions when building your Docker images.

Oracle WebLogic
Server Version
JDK Version HOST OS Kernel Version Docker Version 8 Oracle Linux 6 Update 6 or higher UEK Release 3 (3.8.13) 1.7 or higher 8 Oracle Linux 7 or higher UEK Release 3 (3.8.13)

Or RHCK 3 (3.10)

1.7 or higher 8 RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 or higher RHCK 3 (3.10) 1.7 or higher 7/8 Oracle Linux 6 Update 5 or higher UEK Release 3 (3.8.13) 1.3.3 or higher 7/8 Oracle Linux 7 or higher UEK Release 3 (3.8.13)

Or RHCK 3 (3.10)

1.3.3 or higher 7/8 RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 or higher RHCK 3 (3.10) 1.3.3 or higher

We support Oracle WebLogic Server in certified Docker containers running on other Linux host operating systems that have Kernel 3.8.13 or larger and that
support Docker Containers, please read our support statement at Support0 statement. For additional details on the most current Oracle WebLogic Server supported configurations please refer to Oracle Fusion Middleware Certification Pages.

These Dockerfiles and scripts we have provided enable users to create clustered and non-clustered Oracle WebLogic Server domain configurations, including both development and production running on a single host operating system or VMs. Each server running in the resulting domain configurations runs in its Docker container, and is capable of communicating as required with other servers.

A topology which is in line with the “Docker-way” for containerized applications and services consists of a container designed to run only an administration server containing all resources, shared libraries and deployments. These Docker containers can all be on a single physical or virtual server Linux host or on multiple
physical or virtual server Linux hosts. The Dockerfiles in GitHub to create an image with a WebLogic Server domain can be used to start these admin server containers.

For documentation on how to use these Dockerfiles and scripts, see the whitepaper  on OTN. The Oracle WebLogic Server video and demo presents our certification effort and shows a Demo of WebLogic Server 12.2.1 running on Docker Containers. We hope you will try running the different configurations of WebLogic Server on Docker containers, and look forward to hearing any feedback you might have.

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