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Vim expert

Working in the Linux terminal every day, for me it is a no-brainer to use vi, more specifically vim. It’s installed by default on every

Graphic AWS for microsoft azure training day fundamentals blog post
Microsoft Azure Training Day: Fundamentals

The Microsoft Azure Training Days are a fairly new series of free Azure trainings which Microsoft has been hosting monthly since Fall 2019.

Illustration for what is gitops and why is this the next buzzword blog post
What Is GitOps and why is this the next buzzword

Nowadays, we hear a lot of chatter going around GitOps, and are you wondering what it is all about?

Graphic of computer with typical cyber security graphics around it for blog post
Hot topic: Cyber security

Big data and cyber security are inseparable and both are large parts of our future. From governments, to financial institutions, to technology and social media

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