Hot topic: Cyber security

Big data and cyber security are inseparable and both are large parts of our future. From governments, to financial institutions, to technology and social media platforms: all are collecting data on a large scale that also needs to be optimally secured. Cyber security has become big business and worth investing in.

Telephone providers, social media companies, banks and national governments: in every sector and at all levels, news has emerged in recent years about data breaches, hacks and stolen data. It shows the challenges that almost every company is facing in the 21st century. How to prevent people with bad intentions from getting away with sensitive information?

Data has grown over the years and became the new gold. Big data, large amounts of information about companies, individuals, processes or entire economies are stored in data centers. Stealing this data is like cracking a safe. From smaller companies with employee files to banks with information about customer credit card details, governments with state secrets to social media with valuable algorithms. The world around us takes place on the Internet. This makes it necessary to secure the world more and more as well. In other words, cyber security has become one of the most promising industries of the future, according to Techzine.

Therefore, Greater is taking steps into the security world and has gathered an awesome group of security specialists. Under leadership of Jurry Besuyen, who has been working as a security specialist for years, we provide more and more clients with the right people in the field of cyber security. Greater is investing heavily in the unit and is growing fast! Every day we serve our consultants and clients in giving the right advice and implement great solutions.

Interested in making the step into the world of security or are you already a security specialist and looking for a new challenge? Come and join our team! Jurry is happy to answer your questions. Get in contact with him via [email protected].