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Your organization deserves the best IT service possible. Combining knowledge and perseverance, we reach the desired solution and keep your systems safe and secure.

Cloud Native development

Cloud Native, our native language. We maximize the benefits of cloud computing with Cloud Native development. Manage applications exactly the way you want.

Training & workshops

Do you want to boost the knowledge and expertise of your team? Get our certified consultants to give tailor-made training on location. Reach out for more information.

DevOps Implementation

We like things fast and easy. Our DevOps approach ensures the right implementations, easier maintenance, and faster development of existing and new amazing products.

What we deliver

Team of experts

Our team continuously explores better ways to manage and build infrastructure. We implement efficiency improvements and accelerate your development cycle.

Security assessment

Do you experience security threats? Our security engineers approach issues from a security perspective and recommend suitable enhancements to management.

Tech professional

Add value to your team. Whether you’re looking for direct results or long-term capacity. Take your systems to the next level with the help of a Greater consultant.

Questions? We're here to help.

If the service you’re looking for is not listed, feel free to let us know. We’re here to help and ready to discuss the possibilities that suit you best.

"Reliable partner for finding the right knowledge"

We do not always find the right professional for this. In those situations it is nice to be able to switch gears with a reliable partner such as Greater. 

Ronald Bosch
Ronald Bosch

Sr. Account manager Datapool

"A real personal connection"

Skilled professionals who go for the relationship and with whom it connects well and easily not only in terms of business but also in terms of personal connection. Nice club with solid substantive professionals that we like to have as a partner!

Marcel de Leeuw
Marcel de Leeuw

Chief operations ItaQ

"Collaboration feels like a logical choice."

A party that prioritizes quality, transparency and the right knowledge and skills in their services, which makes the collaboration feel like a logical choice. 

Frank Verbruggen
Frank Verbruggen

Teamlead Defensie

We take your project to the next level

Understand the issue

First, we must understand your current problems. What is your organization up against? Based on your needs, we determine our goal.
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Step 1

Business strategy

We decide what you need and plan a tailored business strategy. We connect you to experienced consultants who know what to do.
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Step 2


We translate the business strategy into plans and actions. Your organization will go in the right direction and achieve its strategic objectives.
Step 3

Training on the job

Bring new knowledge to your team and keep it. Even after our consultants leave. Our team trains your employees with enough tools and skills to grow sustainably.
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Step 4

Project closing

This phase checks if all the work has been completed. We review services and documentation and make sure you meet every goal.
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Step 5


Last, we celebrate the achievements! It’s time for the results to land. Does your team experience problems along the way? We’re here to get you back on track.
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