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Azure Ninja

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Dr. DevOps

What to expect as a DevOps consultant Expect to be part of something, well, Greater. As an IT Consultancy founded…
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Linux Leader

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about Greater or IT consultancy? We listed our most frequently asked questions. If your question is missing, please contact us.

What’s Greater’s application process?

First job interview is more personal get-to-know-each other conversation. What do you like to do? How do you go about your job? Motivation, movement through careers. We tell more about who we are, what we don and why we do it. And how you can be a great fit!


Both enthusiastic about the conversation? We’ll plan a second one to dive deeper in what we love: everything tech. We’re curious about your skills, your career, and why you would love to join the team. And how you think you can add value to the company.


Still happy? Contract – you’ll receive a draft contract. Take your time to read it and ask any related questions to us. We’re here for when you’re in doubt or want to double-check something.


Signed, sealed, delivered! You’ve made it and we can’t wait to embark on this adventure together.

What can I expect during employee onboarding?

Your onboarding starts from the moment you sign your Greater contract, which we kick off with a celebration and your personal welcome gift. The period lasts approximately a full month, in which we’ll have several meetings that help you get acquainted with the office, your colleagues, the clients, projects, and internal systems. During the first month you’re encouraged to start with your first project. You’re in control and choose how and where you want to begin. We’re looking at your current skills, where you want to go and grow to, to make the right decision.

We start with your personal development plan. Get familiar with our values, how we approach work and personal stuff – office way of working.

What’s in the Greater benefits package?
  • Join workshops, training, courses, seminars or technical sessions in our own Greater Academy. Collect as many certificates as you want or train your own team members.
  • Guidance throughout your career with our performance management
  • An open-door policy. We value your initiatives, feedback and ideas, any time.
  • We regularly lunch together, have drinks, go on team events (abroad) and dare each other in a game of pool or darts in the break area.
  • Anniversary payment.
  • 28 holidays.
  • You get days off between Christmas and NY. If you prefer to work, we’ll pay extra.
  • A leas car/bicycle leasing program, or NS-Business Card.
  • Study allowance, pension scheme and collective insurance.
  • 2500,- budget to choose your own work laptop.
Is working from home/workation possible?
Yes. Our consultants choose to spend a few days in the Greater office, spend time at the client’s during a project or work a day or two from home. We’re encouraging our consultants to work in a way that is best for everyone. It’s important to discuss the possibility with the client where you’re working on a project, as some might prefer you to be present in the organisation.
Which projects can I expect?
We’re working with an incredible group of clients for different projects. Ranging from devops implementation, security, cloud native development and everything in between. Together we’ll find projects that suit you best and where you can accelerate, work on your professional career. We believe you’re in charge of your career path, so we listen to your needs. We’re here to guide you through projects. Want to know more about our projects? Ask Maikel and Vivian for more information.
What is consultancy?

Consultancy in IT – but how? You’re sharing your knowledge with our clients. We have different projects where you have to perform different skills. Depending on the type of project, you’ll be engineering, managing, part of decision making. Together we decide what is best for you, based on your input you can inform us what makes you happiest in your job and we’ll go look for that project.

What experience do I need in consulting?
Experience is such a broad word and interpreted differently by everyone. We’re looking for intrinsic motivation, the will to grow, add value, and have an eye for problem-solving. Our team is formed by a diverse group of people, some with years of experience and others who started with a whole bunch of energy, enthusiasm and drive to improve their skills.