The Greater move: Halfway there

As you know, Greater is moving offices. In our previous blogs, we told our readers that the success of Greater not only translates into expanding the team but also in moving into a bigger space. By the end of September, we will leave our humble abode in Voorschoten and settle in Schiphol-Rijk.

Exciting? Very. Busy times? Oh, yes.

We welcome you to our third blog on this Greater move, as we love to share the process with you. If you didn’t have time to read about our adventures before, read the first two blogs here to be entirely up to date.

Where we stand

Do you know those moments where it feels like you’re in the eye of the storm? Moments where you experience a sense of calm, yet simultaneously a lot is happening that needs to be dealt with? Well, we are having one of those moments.

The early stages included appointments with the building owners, interior architects, furniture companies, contractors, and electricians. We discussed visions, plans, and possibilities. The majority of big decisions and contract-signing were made. People started working their magic, deciding which plans would fit best. 

Now that everyone is doing their best, we are patiently “waiting” for the actual moving day. In less than a month, we will strike down in Schiphol-Rijk. That’s why we think now is a great time to discover how some of our team members are experiencing the whole Greater move. After all, they are one of the main reasons we are moving in the first place. We’re curious what they think and, mostly, what they expect! 

Latest developments

According to Rody, Manager Operations, the move is a big step for Greater. The organization is more and more seen as a serious player in the market. This should include a professional location. It’s incredible to see gradual changes showing this upgrade. The amount of work put into it is simply unbelievable. Remember Gregor, the carpenter? A few weeks ago, we had several conversations about improving the entire ceiling. Safe to say, he knew it would be quite the challenge. Luckily, he knows what he’s doing. He started with the installation of a wooden ceiling just above the kitchen area last week.

However, the actual kitchen still has to be placed. Right now, all we can see are the holes in the ground for the proper disposal. Also, as you can see in the pictures, the office is not ready for decorating and moving furniture. Meanwhile, we’re collecting boxes with newly bought furniture in the current office. The latest box we will add is going to be filled with modern-looking lamps made from cement. These will be a great addition to the kitchen bar. Moreover, we chose colors for the walls. Apparently, the color drop cloth exists?!

Furthermore, IT consultant Maikel sees the floorplan coming to life. Walls have been put in place, creating offices and a separate visitor’s area (as seen in the picture below). Glass doors are working, and electrical wires are safely installed. “Since we are amid a global pandemic,” he says, “it is good to see we are creating a workspace to work better, easier and safer together.”

Greater expectations

Overall, team members expect a homey atmosphere, more workspace, and more recreational areas. And decent coffee. How glad are we that that is precisely what we had in mind! For Rody, who is on top of all the decisions, this fun atmosphere is exactly what Greater stands for, and the new office must have plenty of room for it. Account Manager Vivian expects Greater to improve the atmosphere and guesses the interior will have more luxurious details. “We already experience a nice atmosphere in the current office, but it will be a lot better!” With multiple meeting rooms and workplaces with more diversity, we can create a good mix between functionality and fun.

Maikel is looking forward to the new and improved room for the Greater Academy. “Since studying remains a huge part of our jobs, Greater is going out of its way to developing something like a lecture hall.” 

Moving offices not only means more workspace. For Vivian and Maikel, a bigger office also means more fun things can take place. Right now, there is no possibility to enjoy breaks outside on warm days. If you’ve seen the pictures in the previous blogs, you may remember that the new office has a gigantic roof terrace. It’s expected to be massive and, of course, fully decorated in Greater style. Maybe something like an outdoor bar and barbeque corner, parasols, and comfortable furniture? Who knows! Moreover, Vivian explained how most team members miss a large kitchen. Since the kitchen will be the central area in the new office, we can expect some good cooking-sessions during lunch breaks. “There will be so many opportunities with this kitchen area!” 

Will it be what we expect?

Without a doubt, that’s the goal. Being in the eye of the storm, we’re preparing for the moment the whirlwind starts again. In the next few weeks, we can expect some significant changes in the office that, ultimately, should reflect the wishes and needs of the team, clients, and those who pay a visit to the office. The Greater move was seen as a slogan around the organization’s name. “But,” says Maikel, “given the grand plans, I think they took it literally. It’s of epic proportions.”

Curious about what’s next? Keep an eye out for our following blog in 6 weeks, where we share the latest transformations.