Greater Developments

Time flies when we’re having renovations done! It’s been 3 weeks since our first blog, and boy oh boy, what a whirlwind so far. Great to have you back here because a lot has happened, and we can’t wait to tell you.

But before we dive into it, let’s have a quick refresher. In our first blog, we explained how Greater is growing. In desperate need of a bigger space, we landed a new (and greater) office in Schiphol-Rijk. To read about the first adventures of moving places, you can still read blog #1 here.

The past few weeks consisted of choosing materials and interior furniture, meetings with electrician Gregor, interior architect Arjen (and watching their magic), and much more. Oh, and we also decided on the official moving day! So without further ado, let’s get started.

With warp speed

It’s beginning to look a lot like … our office! We have officially been included in the index boards of the new building. As seen in the picture, we’re located on the 4th floor, and there is no turning back now. It’s safe to say we’re thrilled to be at this stage of moving offices. 

To remain in this flow, we met with Gregor, the carpenter, to work on and improve the black, industrial ceiling throughout the entire office. After discussing our wishes and ideas (more than a few, mind you), he was shocked at the amount of work. Oops. However, he is the real deal when carpenting, agreed optimistically with our plans, and started his work. By then, all the electrical points were signed off, and Gregor is making sure all connections are correctly aligned for desks, TVs, and coffee machines. And our wine cooler, of course.

Moreover, Gregor is working his magic on our custom logo wall. We value our partnerships and want to create a particular corner for our trusted partners. Without a doubt, the best place for that is upon entering the office. Across the waiting area, the wall will be filled with logos of brands, partners, and clients, with enough room to add some more.

In the meantime, we’re proud to say that we accepted all offers for future renovations. One of the most significant changes will be the floor. For now, all we can say: it’s going to be a combination of small parts of the carpet and high-quality herringbone PVC.

Interior is key - and a bit of a mess

Meanwhile, our current office looks more and more like local storage. We’re getting ready for packing, and the first moving company paid a visit to the office in Voorschoten. Together with their team, we discussed the logistics of moving, and they made offers on multiple possibilities. It’s going to be a tight schedule. Why? We’ll explain a bit further down the blog.

Remember the organization Skepp? They are in charge of our new office furniture, and we’ve had several nutritious meetings with them. We aim to create the perfect balance between a working environment and an environment where everyone can relax and come together.

Skepp’s the way to go because we were finally able to decide on furniture that supports your body while working and furniture that looks awesome at the same time! This means our current office is full of boxes with news chairs, desks, barstools, tables, you name it until we can deliver everything at the new location.

Leisure for champions

We work hard and relax hard. The new office must have plenty of room for fun activities, areas to relax, cook a good meal and spend time off work with colleagues. To achieve this, we continued the hard work of designing the kitchen layout. As we explained, this is the center of the office – literally and figuratively. The drawing for the pantry was delivered, and we approved the final documents. The cool thing is, it will be precisely in the same style as the new, large kitchen. We’re getting a modern, matt black sink. Completely in sync with a matching faucet.

Even more fun, we are fully committed to getting a nice pool table. Nice? No, wait. The best pool table. A pool table qualified for the world championships. Yep. For our own champions! After several meetings with the designer, we agreed on getting a custom-made game table. On top of that, we chose pool balls that are described as professional TV balls. How cool is that?

Decisions, decisions and more decisions

We’ve been busy shopping for 3 85″ TVs for the kitchen, conference room, and Greater Academy. Ultimately, we found the TVs suitable for each area. We can’t wait to launch our first Greater Academy knowledge session on one of these beauties. Besides, the extensive search started for monitors. We need a total of 52 (!) to provide each workplace with 2 identical monitors. Quite a job.

Furthermore, the lighting plan is still subject to change. It’s probably one of the most complex parts so far. Our architect created a plan, but the building owners also made a plan. As you understand, we must consider all possibilities, and that takes time.

What's to come?

Well, expect a rollercoaster of activities. The glass facades are almost entirely installed, and we have the installation of the floor coming up. The kitchen is actually turning into a kitchen, and we decided on a final lighting plan: there’s light at the end of the tunnel! Afterward, we can order lamps, and the lighting contractor can start working on the suitable placements.

Last but not least, we decided on the official moving day. The day we can all look forward to is September 23. Yes. We know. That’s next month.

All in all, we are very aware this period is not the most ideal time to get all this done. Summer holidays, tight schedules of deliveries, and Covid-19 measures (with the occasional change) mean it’s a big challenge. We cannot afford one delay because that means every delivery or installation will be delayed. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t be Greater without overcoming a good challenge. Luckily, we have a fantastic team of people who are here to help us realize this dream.

Curious about more? Come back for our next blog in 3 weeks, and we’ll share the latest developments! Spoiler alert: That blog contains fresh images from the renovated office.