Gran Canaria, the movie!

We can be brief about this, it was amazing! 😎😍

We drank, we ate, we got to know each other, we swam, we enjoyed ourselves but above all, we laughed!

 The trip that had been planned for over a year has finally happened! We have celebrated our 5th anniversary. Due to Corona, this event has been postponed several times but it really had to happen and we had so much fun! 🎉🍹

Our journey started very early, Friday April 15 at 02:30 AM we gathered at the office on the boeing avenue, everyone tired but very much looking forward to our event. With a large bus we traveled to Schiphol plaza. Once there we checked in and the holiday could begin. We boarded the plane without too much delay. The aircraft seats were all marked with the Greater logo so no surprises where we should sit.

After about 4 hours of flying we landed at Las Palmas Gran Canaria 🌴🌞 Now the party can really start! Still a short bus trip ahead and then the swimsuits can finally be put on. What happened next? See it for yourself in the video below!

Do you also want to enjoy this kind of Greatness? We are hiring!

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