Consultancy community in the Netherlands (VVDN)

As a consultancy, you know better than anyone that the consultancy sector plays a crucial role in the current Dutch labor market. No less than 1.6% of the Dutch working population is employed as a consultant. This makes a consultancy community in the Netherlands an indispensable pillar of the labor market. Clients and consultants are generally well aware of the advantages of what consultancy entails. Still, misunderstandings and unfamiliarity exist among various target groups. Consultancy deserves to play a serious role within the labor market and be actively promoted.

Establishment of a consultancy association

13 consultancy firms took the unanimous decision to establish an association: the Association of Consultancy Organizations in the Netherlands. Together, agencies are much stronger than when they stand alone e.g. in the lobby on legislative processes. However, the association also wants to be a partner in the dialogue on the structure of the current labor market. The starting point is that the act of consulting should have a larger share in the modern, changing job market.

Wednesday April 3rd 2019, Greater was present at the founding meeting of the consultancy community in the Netherlands. During this afternoon, important issues were discussed which every consultancy faces. We were pleased to see that several fellow companies were present and are going to form a united front. The objectives are:

  • To demonstrate the social relevance of consultancy;
  • Contribute to improving the image of consultancy;
  • Providing insight into relevant facts and figures;
  • Growing towards a code of good employment practice for consultancy;
  • The recognition of consultancy with a possible end result of its own legal status;
  • Developing a knowledge platform on consultancy;
  • Stimulating a knowledge platform on consultancy;
  • Greater would like to contribute to this and is, as of today, a member of the association.

Our motto: Alone you can be great, together you are greater!